About the blogger

Philip Adrian Peña, currently a level 2 DCI Certified judge hailing from Calamba, Philippines,  is an active judge serving most of Alabang, Las Piñas, and Laguna-based Magic: the Gathering players and hobby shops. He created this blog to post what’s usually happening around him regarding judging and the Magic: the Gathering communities that he visits.

Aside from being a level 2 judge, he is also a freelance computer technician and a LINUX junkie. When he’s not judging, he spends most of his time reading articles on the internet, play Dynasty Saga web game (S1 Eastern Tempest – Shinjinrui, Wu Kingdom), and most of the time, playing!

You can directly message him here on this blog, all your questions regarding the DCI Judge program and Magic: the Gathering will be answered. Just not personal questions and trivial things.


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