GPT Brisbane @ PC Butlers – Judge Report

It has been a while since my last post here, so I’ll write about my judge report for GPT Brisbane in which I judged in.

My role for the tournament was head judge, so before the event started (weeks prior), I already contacted the tournament organizer (Lawrence Camangon). I told him of things to expect for the event, and gave him a lot of heads up on what to prepare. Details like staffing, advertising, what players should expect during a competitive REL event and so on. I also advised him to stock up on rules knowledge, as I will be sending him to the floor as a judge (so that I can train him further for level 1).

I also contacted Will Dizon, a good friend of mine and also my level 1 candidate, and Anna Solleza, another judge trainee. I told them to prepare for the event, and I’ll teach them what to do during the event.

I arrived at the venue around 1PM, and gave my briefing to the judges on their expectations and things that they need to do throughout the day. I also encouraged them to take breaks so that they don’t get too overworked. Judging is fun, getting tired is not. Although it’s part of the job to get tired, getting tired immediately won’t help you during the day.

The event started at 2:45 PM with 18 players in total, and I gave my player meeting to everyone present. I told them of the guidelines such as number of rounds we’re expecting for the day, with top 8 and the time limits. I also advised them about slow play, missed triggers and having fun in the process. Magic is all about having fun, but in a competitive REL, we should also be fair with one another. During this time, I had my judge team collect everyone’s deck list for sorting and counting.

On with the rounds!

One thing that I noticed during the event are these:

1. We checked for deck lists, with at least 1 deck list with missing cards and 2 deck lists that doesn’t match the actual deck.

2. I had to warn 2 people about playing slow.

3. I had to give out 2 game rule violations in total for the event, one of which occurred during the top 8.

4. There seems to be at least people who are exchanging wins for packs, something that I want to avoid. Good thing nothing like that occurred, but I’m still keeping close watch for future events.

I had to show my judge team on how to perform tasks during the tournament, as they will do the tasks themselves after. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to train judges and have them certified. It feels like you’ve accomplished something great.

There wasn’t much interesting rulings, except for a couple of missed triggers, in which I told my judge team to not remind players of their triggers (as it is the player’s sole responsibility to remember those things).

Anyways, it isn’t much of a judge report but just a summary of things that had happened during the day. There are 2 more Saturdays of GPT that I need to judge in. I hope I can write about them soon.


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