Community Building

One of the things that I’m currently doing right now is maintaining a community of MTG players who are really into the game. Some of them are existing players who recently came back to play, while some of them are new players altogether (they played a different card game before).

Welcome to MTG Canlubang. Canlubang is where I live (since childhood), and is where I’m maintaining the community of MTG players. We are running tournaments here every week, Standard format (since I don’t like introducing them to formats that are hard for them to grasp), and we began running them since February 2013. While we started with 8 constant players, our community grew when the students from Letran Calamba (a college) started going to our community to play.

Since I need to accommodate all the people to their schedules, I decided to run tournament twice a week. Saturday tournaments for the Letran students, and Sunday tournaments for those who want to grind it out. Let’s just say it’s a difficulty level if you’re playing video games, as I want to set a handicap limit to the players on who should be in there and who should be not.

These are just some of the pictures on a recently concluded Saturday Standard that was held yesterday:

1043997_633820283296359_289556115_n 155403_633821409962913_1046083133_n 971524_633820679962986_1193988745_n 993611_633821683296219_1193299518_n 1000153_633821466629574_1872044740_n 1006233_633821519962902_12501093_n 1011053_633821613296226_559695892_n

Now, I’m aiming at two things here. One of course, is letting them have fun while competing. The tournaments are set to Regular REL, so they can learn what should they be doing in tournaments and what’s not. They will also learn a thing or two about competitive Magic as well, as they will be more likely competing for the booster prizes. The second thing I’m aiming for, is for them to feel the community here is more about friendliness and not about bragging. What I hate the most about most players (that I know, mind you) is that they only compete for the prizes and rarely helps new players. I’m a bit glad that some of the people here are more than willing to help out a troubled player.

For now, I want to give these people more events that they can enjoy, so that when they compete for bigger tournaments outside the community, they will be able to know what they should do.

If you’re interested in visiting our local community here, just give me a private message here. Of course, the place is far from the metro, so it’ll be a long ride to get here.


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